Departmental Funded Projects

Funded Research Projects
S. No. Year Principal Investigator Title Funding agency
1 2023 Dr Shazia Perveen Nanomaterial-Induced Novel Membranes as a viable and sustainable model for water purification Sindh HEC
2 2022 Dr Amtul Qayoom Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Flavonoid Capped Bimetallic Nanoparticles as Colorimetric Nano Sensors for Pharmaceutical Applications NRPU HEC
3 2022 Dr Saeeda Nadir Ali Batch extraction and characterization of sugarcane wax from sugar industry surplus: Application as an edible coating NRPU HEC
4 2022 Dr Nuzhat Arshad Synthesis of Potential ACE2 Inhibitor with Anti-Inflammatory Effects As To Search a Possible COVID-19 Therapeutic Tool
Sindh HEC
5 2022 Dr Saeeda Nadir Ali Production of Highly Valuable Sugarcane Wax-A Way Forward to Sugarcane By-Product Based Industry Sindh HEC
6 2022  Dr Saeeda Nadir Ali Extraction and characterization of sugarcane wax from sugar industry surplus: Application as an edible coating HEC PERIDOT
7 2022 Dr Shazia Parveen Designing of a Versatile Prototype based on the application of Ion Exchange Membranes, for Efficient and Cost Effective Recycling of Industrial waste TTSF HEC
8 2022 Dr Saeeda Nadir Ali  Molasses composition determination Deewan Sugar Mill
9 2019 Dr Kashif Ahmed Development of bio concrete from microorganisms NEDUET (Seed Funding)
10 2018 Dr Kashif Ahmed Use of microorganism for the development of bio concrete and commercial enzymes. SRGP NEDUET
11 2017 Dr Nuzhat Arshad Synthesis, characterization and biological screening of crown ether/thia-crown ether/aza crown ethers and their complex NRPU HEC
12 2016 Dr Anjum Ayub Characterization of biofuels produced by pressure and temperature dependent pyrolysis of waste cooking oil. SRGP HEC
13 2016 Dr Shamsa Naz Enhanced production of industrial enzyme by using agricultural waste as carbon source. SRGP HEC
14 2015 Dr Saeeda Nadir Ali Spectrophotometric studies of drugs and pesticides charge transfer complexes. SRGP HEC