Community Outreach

Tree plantation activity at Alfalah ground North Nazimabad

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Hands on training in dedicated chemistry laboratories

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FYP with Covid 19

Final Year Project Presentations of Batch 2016-17 Under
Necessary Precautions of Covid 19

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Industrial Visit
Soorty Enterprises
Pvt. Ltd. (Denim)

Industrial Visit of BSIC Final year students at Soorty
Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Denim) on 19th Dec. 2019

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Convocation 2019

Students of BSIC receiving their Bachelor Degree

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The Department of Chemistry has been established as an independent full-fledge department from Department of Mathematics and Basic Sciences in 2010. The aim of the Department of Chemistry is to produce proficient industrial chemistry graduates who can fulfil the specialized needs of growing industries. Therefore, the Department of Chemistry offers following degree programmes:

Ø Four Years BS Industrial Chemistry Programme

Ø Two years MS Industrial Chemistry Programme

The programme is designed with emphasis on the application of scientific knowledge on industrial problems. The goal of these Industrial Chemistry degree programmes is to shift from general education to more purposeful education. Beside academic and research activities in the university, our students gain practical education about various industrial procedures through industrial visits. Mandatory internships also prove our undergraduate students the hands-on experience they need to land a better career. Many of the undergraduate final year projects, Master Independent study projects and dissertations were acknowledged in academic fraternity in the form of conference posters as well as oral presentations and research publications in HEC approved journals. Various interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects are also going on. Faculty of the department also fetched research funding from Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.

Vision of the Department

Ø To provide a strong foundation in fundamentals of chemistry through courses offered by the department for engineering students in the university.

Ø To provide broad based curriculum in chemistry with the aim of producing engineers and chemists with awareness on the importance of chemistry in the industry.

Ø To attain excellence in teaching chemistry to undergraduate, graduate and post graduate level students.

Ø To develop research facilities and establishing an inspiring environment for research in chemistry.


The Department of Chemistry also offers research-intensive PhD programme and introduces students to research skills and dedicated knowledge which will broad their horizon and will equip them for career opportunities they pursue after their doctorate studies. This program aims to produce motivated, self-directed, and independent subject specialists who can identify and solve applied as well as basic scientific queries of their area of interest. PhD students will gain experience through working closely peers, faculty and professionals in their field.