The “Master in Industrial Chemistry” is an evening five semester duration programme encompassing the engineering and science graduates, having completed sixteen years of education.

It provides solid foundation in chemical sciences. Graduates of this programme would be able to work in the industry without any extensive industrial training which is usually required for those with Master in Chemistry only in one specific field because it is skilfully designed to fulfil demands of local industries particularly paint, chemical and pharmaceutical.


Mission Statement of the Programme

The mission of the programme is  to prepare graduates who can concurrently perform the jobs of an analyst, and a chemist within sphere of teaching, research, development and production.  


Measurable Objectives of the Programme

  • Students will demonstrate a foundational knowledge of principles and concepts of chemistry and be able to apply this knowledge to the solution of problems both experimental and theoretical.
  • The programme will create experts able to understand, tackle and solve problems related to application of basic chemical knowledge for production of fine and bulk chemicals at the industrial level.
  • Graduate of this programme will be able to generate, evaluate, interpret and communicate scientific data in different formats using modern IT tools.

Learning Outcomes of the Programme

  • Graduates of MS (Industrial Chemistry) posses:
  • An ability to link various theoretical concepts to large scale chemical productions.
  • Enough basic knowledge and understanding of chemical principles for their applications in order to modify and improve the chemical processes.
  • Understanding the basics of different industrial quality assurance systems and relevant tools. 

Syllabi of MS Industrial Chemistry Programme

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